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Materials Our certified PLA is sourced from NatureWorks LLC, a company based in Minnesota. In addition to using plant-based materials, we are proud to say our foaming technology uses up to 60% less raw material than traditional plastic or paper products.

Manufacturing We are currently in the process of calculating the carbon footprint of our manufacturing process and will make that information readily available to our customers. Our products are manufactured in a facility that closely monitors its electrical usage and naturally uses minimal water in the process. Additionally, we continuously recycle our surplus materials and create material conscious designs to ensure little is wasted in the manufacturing process.

End of Life Management  After useful life, 100 BIO™ foam can be recycled, incinerated, composted, or even converted back into lactic acid.

We created these products because we wanted them to be accessible to as many people as possible. As a result, we are continuously working to bring our prices down. We are currently comparable to other premium sustainable options. Some may call us ambitious, but we won’t rest until we are the cleanest and most affordable option on the market.

We created the 100BIO™ line because we are passionate about reducing waste and contributing to a compostable future. In line with this sentiment, we are here to help make your transition to a compostable future as easy and enjoyable as possible. Whether you’re a large franchise, a Mom & Pop store or an individual wondering how to make the most use of your compostables, we’ve got you covered. Our representatives are happy to give you all our educational materials, as well as provide any training needed to help you and your staff understand the benefits of using our product.

With over 15 years of experience in product development, we are your retail shop for food packing supplies. Additionally, our established ties in both the US and Korea assure no shipping worries.

We provide personal interaction with all of our clients. We treat them like family. It is that down-to-earth approach to our business that enables us to be the number one choice in this industry. Our clients feel at home with TAG Packaging LLC.

When you are using our services or products, you are more than welcome to raise any questions, comments, or concerns with us. Your undeniable satisfaction is our number one priority. Allowing your input is a huge contributing factor in that endeavor.


Although a large part of our mission is environmental sustainability, taking care of our community is equally important. There are a lot of products out there today that are toxic, and potentially carcinogenic, but we often have no idea. BPA, a chemical commonly found in plastics, is one of those such chemicals.

For those suffering from cancer, we believe in supporting and empowering them, and additionally look at how to stop this horrible disease from spreading. This year we are donating all the plates and bowls required for Alex’s Lemonade, a non-profit that raises fund to combat childhood cancer. A portion of our proceeds additionally go to “Baking with Kids with Cancer,” a non-profit started by our founder, Jea So.

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